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JExtract update

Finally. I’ve been able to spend more time on JExtract. Fixed the underlying problem with handling shared members by using member number as unique ID instead of member name. Looking forward to post the Alpha version on Source Forge soon. Any volunteers to test this thing?


My new pet project, JExtract

The other day, I’ve decided to learn myself the Essbase Java API.  I figured the best way to do it is to build something from scratch.  Since I need to maintain metadata from several cubes (my day job, sadly), I thought this would be a good utility to create.  So I call my new pet project, JExtract, the Java based Essbase Outline Extractor.  The basic stuff is mostly there such as

  • Connect to Essbase server and application.
  • Disconnect from Essbase (obviously).
  • Store configuration in text file.
  • Query and extract dimension.
  • Build level, generation and parent child output file.

I’ve also created a Source Forge project to host this thing.  Check out http://jextract.sourceforge.net for details.  However, I haven’t uploaded any files just yet.