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OBIEE Essbase relational drillthrough

Wow.  I still can’t believe that I did this one.  We had a new requirement to create an HR cube and drill down to employee levels for more details.  I had thought of using Hybrid Analysis in EIS, but that means the cube will be totally dependent on EIS.  So I decided to use the “vertical” federation of OBIEE data model.  The employee level will exist on relational DB while other levels are on Essbase.

I used this Oracle by Example to get an idea on how to accomplish this: Federating Essbase and Relational Data Sources in Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus. Pretty helpful.


OBIEE – Workspace SSO

I can’t believe how frustrating it is to get OBIEE Workspace SSO to work in OAS installations.  If I didn’t remove the two lines in mod_oc4j.conf, OBIEE won’t even show up under Workspace Applications.  However, I suspect it’s got something to do with that bips thing.  Gotta keep looking into this.

Anyhow, getting this thing to work in Tomcat turned out to be quite easy.  Took me only 1/2  a day to get everything to work.  So the docs was good.

OBIEE 11 and Essbase

OBIEE 11g, Essbase

After installing OBIEE 11g on my Windows XP laptop which runs Essbase, I found out that the Oracle BI admin tool was unable to connect to the installed version of Essbase.  After a bit of research, I found out that OBIEE 11g will only run with the included Essbase 11.1.2 version client.  This caused a problem on my machine since all Essbase environment variables on my machines are pointing to version  My workaround for this is by creating a separate batch file to start the Oracle BI admin tool as pasted below.


set ARBORPATH=C:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\clients\epm\Essbase\EssbaseRTC
set ESSBASEPATH=C:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\clients\epm\Essbase\EssbaseRTC

set PATH=c:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\bin;c:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\opmn\bin;c:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\opmn\lib;c:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\perl\bin;%ARBORPATH%;%ARBORPATH%\bin

C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe “/cc:\OBIEE\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIApplication\coreapplication\setup\bi-init.cmd coreapplication_obis1 2 && c:\OBIEE\Oracle_BI1\bifoundation\server\bin\AdminTool.exe”


Now my Admin Tool can connect to the installed Essbase.