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Deploying WAR to OBIEE WebLogic (for OBIEE drillthrough)

This time the requirement is to drill from any level in the hierarchy to transactions (a bit too much, right?).  It’s a bit difficult to use OBIEE federation to do this which means a custom solution is required.  Anyhow, I found an excellent post about this here.

So I’ve decided to follow the steps and write my own JSP page to manage the HTTP post request.  Most of the steps worked like a charm except for the JSP deployment step since the WebLogic version I’m on requires a WAR file.  To build a WAR file, a Java compiler (javac) is required and I was too lazy to install one.  Luckily, WebLogic works with a directory structure to build a WAR file.

Follow these easy steps:

Create web application folder structure

  1. Create a folder structure for the web application.  In the below example, I’ve named my application and JSP page “Drillthrough”
    • E:\
      • DrillthroughApp (folder)
        • Drillthrough (folder)
          • WEB-INF (folder)
            • web.xml
          • Drillthrough.jsp
  2. An example web.xml is as follows

Deploy to Web Logic

  1. Login to OBIEE console (http://server_name:7001/console) as weblogic user
  2. Under “Domain Structure”, select “Deployments” and click “Lock and Edit” to prepare for deployment.
  3. Under “Summary of Deployments”, click “Install”
  4. Navigate to or type “E:\\DrillthroughApp” on the “Path” field.  The “Drillthrough (open directory)” object will now show up.  Select “Drillthrough (open directory)” and click Next
  5. Select the “Install this deployment as an application” option and click Next.
  6. Select “Admin Server” as the target and click Next
  7. Accept the default options and click Finish.
  8. Once the application is deployed, click “Release Configuration”
  9. Now start the Drillthrough application. Under Deployments, find the “Drillthrough” application and select it.  Click “Start” and select “Servicing all requests”.
  10. Now have fun with drilling through to transactions

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