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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Moving members in EPMA using interface tables

Another undocumented feature that I learned today from Oracle support is the ability to move primary members in interface tables.  However, this only works in the latest patch of EPMA (I think).  Without any changes, I don’t think it’s possible to move a primary member already in EPMA when loading using interface table.  What happens is EPMA will add the member in question to a new parent as a SHARED member.  Annoying isn’t it.

To remedy this, simply add a new column to the HS_XXX_HIERARCHY tables called ISPRIMARY.  The value for this column is ‘Y’ when member is a primary member and ‘N’ when member is a shared member.  Quite a nifty feature when using the interface tables and your dimensional hierarchies keep changing.

In 11.1.2, the ISPRIMARY column comes pre-build in the interface tables.  So no need to do the above.

BTW, I’ve only tested this on moving PRIMARY members and not SHARED members.  I don’t know whether it’s even possible to move SHARED members using this method.

Update: In the workaround above only work if the load profile mode is set to “Replace” in EPMA and will NOT work with “Merge”.