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OBIEE 10g – Workspace Integration (update)

I finally got the OBIEE – Workspace integration to work on OAS.  Amazing, right?  I still following the same steps from the OBIEE “New Features” doc.  The only differences this time are:

  • Hyperion Workspace, Hyperion Shared Services and OBIEE exist on separate servers.  This is to be our new production environment.
  • When registering EPM Workspace from OBIEE Administration, I copied the reg.properties file from the existing Workspace installation.  So I did “Copy File” instead of “Generate File“.
The last missing piece is the Essbase security pass-through.  Using “:USER” and “:PASSWORD” in the Essbase connection pool in the RPD will not work.  So I had to hardcode these information in the mean time.  The good news (maybe) is there seems to be a patch to address this issue.  Basically, in addition to USER, GROUP and DISPLAYNAME session variables, there will be a new variable called SSO_TOKEN or something.  This new variable can be used in the RPD to enable passthrough.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one since this will save me a great deal of headache.

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