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Oracle WebLogic and Hyperion Shared Services

While looking for a way to integrate HSS, I also explored integrating HSS users with Oracle WebLogic (that came with OBIEE 11g).  Turned out that the integration must be done on the RPD level, but there’s no harm of blogging about it.  Maybe it’ll even be useful someday.  Anyhow, I managed to get BOTH the USERS and GROUPS into WebLogic from HSS.  As in the RPD, the integration needs to be done through the OpenLDAP component.

Here’s how I did it

  1. From the console, http://server:7001/console/, select Security Realms from Home Page.
  2. Select myrealm
  3. Create a new Authentication Provider, specify a Name (anything) and select OpenLDAPAuthenticator as the Type.  Click OK to Save.
  4. Now select the new Authentication Provider.
  5. Select the Provider Specific tab and specify the following
  6. Host: server where HSS is installed.
  7. Port: the default HSS port is 28089 for HSS
  8. Principal: this is the Base DN.  Set it to cn=root,dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com
  9. Credential: the default password is security
  10. User Base DN: ou=People,dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com
  11. User From Name Filter: (&(cssDisplayNameDefault=%u)(objectclass=cssInetOrgPersonExtend))
  12. User Search Scope: select onelevel
  13. User Name Attribute: cssDisplayNameDefault
  14. User Object Class: cssInetOrgPersonExtend
  15. Group Base DN: ou=Groups,dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com
  16. Group From Name Filter: (&(cssDisplayNameDefault=%g)(objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames))
  17. Group Search Scope: select onelevel
  18. Static Group Name Attribute: cssDisplayNameDefault
  19. Static Group Object Class: groupOfUniqueNames
  20. Static Member DN Attribute: uniqueMember
  21. Static Group DNs from Member DN Filter: (&(uniqueMember=%M)(objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames))
  22. Restart everything.  Now go back to myrealm and click Users and Groups.  If done correctly, they should all show up.

Thanks to JExplore (LDAP explorer).  I couldn’t have figured out nothin’ without it.  Peace.


2 responses to “Oracle WebLogic and Hyperion Shared Services

  1. OBIEEfan February 16, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    Finally…thank you! I have been looking for this info and couldn’t find it anywhere.

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