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OBIEE 10g – Workspace Integration

Although OBIEE 10g and Workspace 11.1.1.x is now well documented, there are still some items that need to be manually configured.  The place where I work uses Oracle AS (I know, I know) for all the Hyperion applications while J2EE is on the default OC4J container.  After following the steps in the New Feature docs, OBIEE was still not running on OAS port (7777).  So when I tried http://host:7777/analytics, it came back with nothing.  After hours of tinkering and staring at Apache logs, I finally figured out the trick.  Apparently, after configuring Workspace Web Server, there are these two lines that made it to the mod_oc4j.conf

Oc4jMount /analytics bips
Oc4jMount /analytics/* bips

Apache redirects request for /analytics to OAS instance called bips.  This will work fine (I think), if OBIEE is configured to run on OAS.  So what I did was I removed these 2 lines, and added the ProxyPass lines to the httpd.conf

ProxyPass /analytics http://host:9704/analytics
ProxyPassReverse /analytics http://host:9704/analytics

Restarted both HTTP_Server from opmnctl and OBIEE OC4J, and it worked.  Now moving on to SSO.