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My new pet project, JExtract

The other day, I’ve decided to learn myself the Essbase Java API.  I figured the best way to do it is to build something from scratch.  Since I need to maintain metadata from several cubes (my day job, sadly), I thought this would be a good utility to create.  So I call my new pet project, JExtract, the Java based Essbase Outline Extractor.  The basic stuff is mostly there such as

  • Connect to Essbase server and application.
  • Disconnect from Essbase (obviously).
  • Store configuration in text file.
  • Query and extract dimension.
  • Build level, generation and parent child output file.

I’ve also created a Source Forge project to host this thing.  Check out http://jextract.sourceforge.net for details.  However, I haven’t uploaded any files just yet.


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