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EPMA wrong deployment host

I had a scare recently with yet another EPMA issue.  After a load balancing exercise on the Hyperion servers by distributing the components, suddenly EPMA deployment for Essbase apps wouldn’t work anymore.  It returned with HTTP Error 500, bla bla bla.  Previously I had moved EAS and APS from the box running EPMA to another box.  When trying to deploy an Essbase app manually, I noticed that the EPMA deployment host was somehow pointing to the server running EAS.  After several tries of restarting EPMA, reconfiguring Web Server and restarting EAS, I finally decided to reconfigured the old EAS and Web Server running on the same box as EPMA.  Guess what, it worked.  The EPMA deployment host was now back to the right server.  I didn’t think that EAS would be related to Essbase deployment, but I guess it is.


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