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Deployment pending


In EPMA, there’s this “awesome” feature that forces failed deployment to wait until time out is reached.  Typically after a failed deployment, EPMA changes the application status to “Deployment pending”.  In this state, the application may not be deployed or deleted which is quite annoying (I think).  Turns out there’s a setting to change this time out value.

  • Look in the configuration file here %APP_SERVER_DEPLOYMENT_DIR%\EPMAWebServer\applications\EPMAWebServer\awb\WEB-INF\conf\AWBConfig.properties.  Change the settings called
  • There’s a setting called DEPLOY_PENDING_TIMEOUT_MINUTES.  The default is 480 minutes (or was it 240).  Change this to a small value, like 10, to expire the deployment.
  • Restart EPMAWebServer web application.
  • Log in to Workspace Application Library and check the status.  The status should change to Deployed.
  • Change the DEPLOY_PENDING_TIMEOUT_MINUTES setting back to normal and restart EPMAWebServer.

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